We are a full service banana grower association using sustainable agriculture practices. We take care of our organic bananas

from site preparation, harvesting, irrigation, fruit picking using post harvesting technology and packing.

Whether you are looking for a banana seed or a box of bananas, you'll find the very best selection of bananas in Peru. Custom orders are available as are containers orders.

We offer different types of bananas sizes  available.

  • Banana
  • Non-GMO Seed's
  • Other
  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small

Your purchase order

We adapt to your specific requirements to ensure continous replenisment and consistent quality.  Every pallet is filled with 48 boxes of bananas clusters of 6-8 fingers, with the size that runs from a minimum of 7,5 to 9,5 inches, in boxes of 40 lbs. 

Sustainable Farming